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LOOKOTELS S.L.. (hereinafter, LOOKOTELS) with address in Madrid, is the owner of the website www.lookotels.com (hereinafter, the website) and places same at the disposal of Internet users for the purposes of providing information about the products and promotions both from United Parks as well as from its subsidiaries (hereinafter,LOOKOTELS), allows the provision of various services any other type of products by means of the Website, as well as, if applicable, placing at the disposal of users, different competitions, games, questionnaires, etc. Customer Service: 91 7266370




The present General Conditions of Use for the Website, together with the General Contract Conditions which, where applicable, govern the provision of online purchasing services or any other General Conditions which govern any type of tool placed at the disposal of the Users on the Website, have as their purpose to regulate the disposition of the information as well as the commercial relationships which may arise between LOOKOTELS and the users of the Website (hereinafter, Users).


Through browsing the Website and/or use of the services included therein, you acquire the status of User.


Tanto Both the navigation, and the use of any of the online purchasing services of the Website, presuppose the acceptance of the User, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of these present General Conditions of Use of the Website and General Contract Conditions which, where applicable, govern the provision of purchasing services offered on the Website as well as any other General Conditions that govern any type of tool placed at the disposal of the Users on the Website.


Intellectual and Industrial Property


The website and all the content shown on the Website and, in particular, designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of LOOKOTELS (in accordance with the definition to follow)or third party owners of same who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Website and, therefore, are protected by the laws of Intellectual Property. Under no circumstances will it be understood that the use of the Website by the Users grants any license whatsoever or effects any renunciation, transfer, total or partial cession of said rights nor does it confer any rights or expectation of rights, and in particular, said content cannot be subject to alteration, exploitation, reproduction, public distribution or communication.


Responsibility of LOOKOTELS


LOOKOTELS will only respond to the damages that the User may suffer as a result of the use of the Website when said damages are attributable to a harmful act by this company. The User recognizes and accepts that the use of the Website, as well as the provision of the services offered therein, is carried out entirely at their own risk and responsibility. LOOKOTELS will not be responsible for the damages that may derive from, but are not limited to:


• Inferences, omissions, interruptions, IT viruses, breakdowns and/or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system or in the IT apparatus and equipment of the Users, due to causes beyond the control of LOOKOTELS, which impede or delay the provision of services or navigation throughout the system;


• Delays or blockages in the usage due to deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems;


• That may be caused by third parties due to illegitimate interference beyond the control of and which cannot be attributable to LOOKOTELS;


• The inability to provide the service or allow access for reasons not attributable to LOOKOTELS, to the User, third parties, or in the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure.


LOOKOTELS does not control, generally, the use which Users make of the Website. In particular, LOOKOTELS under no circumstances guarantees that the Users will use the Website in accordance with the law, the present General Conditions of Use, generally accepted morals and good habits and public order, nor that they will do so diligently and prudently.


LOOKOTELS does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Website.s operation. Likewise, neither does LOOKOTELS guarantee the use of the Website or its contents for the execution of any activity in particular. LOOKOTELS excludes any type of responsibility for damages of any kind that may arise due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Website.s operation or the fraudulent use that the Users may have attributed to the Website.


LOOKOTELS guarantees that it has opportune measures in place which comply with the standards of security that technology permits. The access to the transactional services and all those that include the capture of personal data are carried out in a secure environment. The secure server establishes a connection in such a way as to ensure that the information is transmitted encoded. This ensures that the content transmitted is solely intelligible to the client computer and to the LOOKOTELS server. The User may check that they are indeed within a secure environment by confirming the presence on the status bar of their browser of a closed padlock.


Obligations of the User


Generally, the User is obliged to comply with these present General Conditions for the Use of the Website, the General Contract Conditions (in the event that the User acquires any goods or services via the Website) as well as complying with the special warnings or instructions for use contained in same or on the Website and always act in accordance with the law, good habits and the requirements of good faith, using the diligence appropriate to the nature of the service they use, abstaining from using the Website in any way which may impede, damage or deteriorate the normal operation of same, the assets or rights of LOOKOTELS, the rest of the Users or in general any third party.


Specifically, and without it implying any restriction whatsoever to the obligation assumed by the User in general compliance with the previous section, the User is obliged, when using the Website, and, where applicable, when using the online purchasing tool included in same to:


• Faithfully provide the data requested;


• Not enter, store or diffuse on or from the Website, any information or material that may be defamatory, injurious, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incite violence or discrimination due to race, sex, ideology, religion or in any way threaten morality, public order, basic rights, public freedom, honour, privacy or the image of third parties, intellectual or industrial property rights or third party company confidences, nor in general any content for which the rights are not held, in accordance with the law, place it at the disposal of third parties and in general anything that goes against the current guidelines;


• Not to enter, store or diffuse via the Website any computer programme, data, virus, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other electronic or physical instrument or device which may cause damage to the Website, any of the Services, or any of the equipment, systems or networks of LOOKOTELS, of any User, or in general any third party, or which in any other way may be capable of causing any type of alteration or impedance of the normal functioning of same:


• To not carry out publicity, promotional or commercial exploitation activities via the Website, nor to use the content and in particular the information obtained from the Website to send out publicity, messages for the purposes of direct sales or any other commercial ends, nor for the collection or storage of personal data of third parties;


• Not to use false identities, nor supplant the identity of others in the use of the Website or when using any of the Website.s purchasing services, including use of third party methods of payment, passwords or access codes:


• Not to destroy, alter, utilize for personal use, misuse or damage the data, information, programmes or electronic documents of LOOKOTELS or third parties.




Handling of personal data collected.


The personal data that the User supplies during the purchase process or when requesting the services offered on the Website as well as any other data subsequently generated from your relationship with us, will be included in files for which the company that owns the leisure park whose entrance ticket the User may have acquired or whose services, promotions, questionnaires or games he/she may have requested (the contact data for which we indicate in section 2.5.3 of this clause) and its parent company LOOKOTELS. (with business address in C/ Palermo N 44 28043. Madrid, Spain; email: lopd@lookotels.com) are co-responsible parties (those responsible). The data will be handled for the development, maintenance and control of the User.s relationship with us and, the provision of services that the User requests or his/her participation in the specific promotion, questionnaire or game for which he/she has made available the personal data, as well as for the processing of requests addressed to us by the User, retaining the communications in order to improve our service and for statistical purposes.


Unless the User marks the box included on the form wherein his/her data is made available, the User authorizes those Responsible to use the data to complete questionnaires, send out publicity communications, promotions and consumer studies by any media (including by electronic communication media or fax), relating to products or services from the leisure sector (leisure parks sector, as well as hostelry sector, where applicable). This authorization includes the entitlement of those Responsible or third parties (to whom those responsible will not under any circumstances cede your data) to determine the parameters of the target audience for these informative or promotional campaigns.


To exercise rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition within the legally required terms, the User must send a request in writing to those Responsible at the address or to the email indicated in this clause, indicating .Solicitud ARCO . Departamento de Marketing. on the subject heading and attaching copy of a document which confirms your identity.




In order to obtain this, we will contact the parents and will ask them to confirm they are the parents or guardians of the User concerned and ask for their consent and, at that time, we will be able to accept the User.s request to use the Website.




Access to this Website may imply the use of cookies, i.e., a collection of data which identifies the User during a live session, called .in session. which means that the cookies are memorized and only valid for the duration of an active session, i.e. during the visit of the User to the website. These cookies do not permanently record any information on the computers hard disc and expire at the end of the session.


During the Website online purchasing processes, cookies only obtain information about the User.s browser and that User.s session identifier during his/her visit to the Website, in order to process the purchase (in particular the bank reconciliations) and verify the correct data supplied. In general, the cookies we use on the Website only relate to an anonymous User and his/her computer and do not provide references which facilitate the detection of the name and surname of the User. With regard to the online purchasing processes in particular, they will relate to the data entered by the User during the purchasing process, to the session identifier for bank reconciliations and to accredit the contract.


Our cookies can not read data from the user.s hard drive nor impart a virus into its text.


The User may freely decide with regard to the integration or not of our cookies on their hard disc, as well as their elimination, by following the procedure established in the browsers help section. The User may also configure their browser to accept or reject by default all cookies or to receive an on-screen alert upon receipt of each cookie and then decide at that moment with regard to their integration or not on his/her hard disc.


If the User configures his/her browser to reject all cookies or expressly reject our cookies, he/she may experience difficulty in completing the online purchase process on our Website and navigation throughout our site may be slower or subject to error.




The present General Conditions of Use will be governed by Spanish legislation which will be applied to everything not stated in this contract with regard to interpretation, validity and execution.


The parties expressly renounce any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and subject themselves expressly to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid to resolve any controversy that may arise from the interpretation or execution of these present conditions.




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